"The key to success in business is creating and maintaining an organizational culture that supports risk taking, creativity and flexibility. This is best achieved through strategic planning, team building, a well-defined customer service philosophy and vision on the part of leaders. As a consultant, I am committed to providing information, direction and motivation that will enable organizations to succeed. "

Dr. Lalia Rach

Dr. Lalia Rach is an internationally recognized keynote speaker who is highly sought after for her straight forward approach to business concerns and creative solutions that get results. Her uncommon sense and genuine ideas are relevant to business in today's ever-changing marketplace. In a world where professional and compassionate often are mutually exclusive approaches, she brings these concepts together and unlocks a new door into your employee and customer relations with an insightful approach that takes cross generational human behavior into consideration. Dr. Rach's uncommon sense approach is founded on genuine ideas that deliver desired results.