Lalia Rach has been creating dynamic workshops for over twenty years. She has facilitated customized programs in four areas:  Team Building, Understanding Change, Strategic Planning, Leadership, and Customer Service.


Lalia Rach of Rach Enterprises customizes the content for each client based on needs and desired outcomes.  Workshop formats are interactive and include activities and group tasks to promote cohesiveness, understanding and creativity.


Team Building

The focus of this workshop is on improving team efficiency and effectiveness; expanding skills in a particular area; and furthering the understanding of team roles and functions. When appropriate, team-building workshops may include an individual strengths and weaknesses analysis.

Understanding Change

Using the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson, Dr. Lalia Rach encourages participants to examine how they manage change. The goal of this workshop is to help individuals understand the concept of change and learn how to recognize, prepare and accept it both professionally and personally.

Strategic Planning

Successful organizations must reevaluate, formulate, and renew on a consistent basis in order to insure a positive future.  Strategic planning is necessary to achieve change and to refine organizational culture, process, and structure. Through this workshop Lalia Rach will help integrate the mission and vision statement into the fabric of the organization. Among the various techniques employed is auditing the organization and its environment using a SWOT analysis.

Active Leadership

Participants in Dr. Rach’s Active Leadership workshop learn the components of active leadership by evaluating their style, skills and abilities. By determining how to be a more active leader, and developing a practical plan for improving their active leadership skills participants gain a deeper understanding of how to improve their leadership abilities. The second part of the workshop is devoted to evaluating the roles and abilities of the participant’s team to elevate group cohesiveness and identifying ways to assist team members in developing their own leadership skills.

Customer Service Checkup

The foundation of a successful service business is active, consistent care embedded in a culture that is focused, respectful and interested in its clientele. Conducting a “check-up”, participants will evaluate the strength of their welcome, the effectiveness of their approach and the condition of their business fundamentals. This Rach Enterprises workshop challenges organizational standards and compels participants to understand service through the consumer’s point of view.

Targeting Markets

The purpose of this session, led by Dr. Lalia Rach, is to understand market segments that will impact your success for years to come. Whether the target market is affluent, single, gay, female or a blend, each is more demanding than ever and has expectations for specialized, unique experiences. Understanding their needs and expectations will assist you in establishing service approaches that are personal and tailored, offering products that are flexible and varied, and crafting a message that establishes and strengthens the relationship. This workshop challenges traditional thinking and action and provides common sense suggestions to connect to your target market.