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Dr. Lalia Rach, Rach Enterprises

Dr. Lalia Rach, Founder of Rach Enterprises, is a trusted business consultant, experienced moderator, and professional keynote speaker. Her messages stand above the rest for their relatable honesty and timely nature presented in a practical and entertaining manner. Her approach to generating and interpreting trends and strategies makes her not only a trusted advisor to senior level executives at many of America’s leading companies but also a source of motivational inspiration to employees searching for originality and reality.

Lalia guides her audience toward achievable success by creating and maintaining an atmosphere that supports creativity, flexibility, and measured risk tasking. A proven innovator, she specializes in dynamic leadership strategies and comprehensive team building methods as they relate to socioeconomic and technological trends, and other areas of concern among business professionals. Her considerable knowledge and experience is evident whether she is working with one or a thousand professionals, but it is her genuine ideas and uncommon sense that make her a respected visionary.

Lalia is uniquely poised to offer your organization direction, motivation, and perspective. As a keynote speaker, her balanced blend of professional expertise and modern cultural understanding is always educational and entertaining. As a facilitator of focus groups, panel discussions, and strategic planning sessions she punctuates the professional with the personal, adapting her approach to fit any organization. As a trusted advisor to executives, she offers unbiased and straightforward recommendations that often attack the status quo. Lalia is deeply committed to providing you with the tools you need to successfully implement your visions and realize unprecedented success.

With a resume that blends education with an impressive professional background and memberships in some of the most prestigious and well-respected associations her approach to business issues is clearly defined. Rather than rely on hype or hyperbole to create enthusiasm she establishes an environment of cooperation designed to achieve success through pragmatic examples and a forthright clarity that is refreshingly honest and useful.

Lalia’s background includes leading some of the world’s top hospitality and tourism programs at the university level. Most recently she was Associate Dean of the College of Management and Director of the School of Hospitality Leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Previously Lalia was the divisional dean and endowed professor at the New York University Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management.

Currently as a full-time consultant Lalia is focused on building her business and will continue to view each client as unique: requiring thoughtful, targeted advice and information. Her name is her brand as she delivers Genuine Ideas with Uncommon Sense to existing and new clients.

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The Triple Spiral

Our logo is an ancient symbol known as the Triple Spiral.  We believe the design represents the complex and often confusing maze we travel in our business lives.

A corporate journey is often like being in a maze, one wrong turn in communication, marketing or customer service and you may find yourself at a dead end having to backtrack, wasting time and resources.   Success can often be a circuitous path, taking many false twists and turns. Often it takes a different perspective to help navigate the maze.  Lalia has the combination of experience, expertise, uncommon sense and genuine ideas to guide you to the right solution.